myRIO-library Python library

myRIOa Pythonekin programatuta

Our myRIO device is very interesting and we've done a number of complementary projects with it, in addition to our lab work. Anyway, even though we like LabVIEW, we wanted it to be programmed with Python... and we did it!

NI myRIO is designed to be programmed with LabVIEW. It has an API to program it in C, but it has no maintenance, and the links  it haven't worked for a long time. Knowing this, and out of curiosity, we decided to explore another third opportunity, Python.

Python is one of the most fashionable programming languages (I'd mention JavaScript and Rust) and we know it can be used because it is mentioned when installing the myRIO Linux image.

Knowing that, we started searching and found the nifpga Python package.

This library allows you to read FPGA registers. Based on the default configuration of myRIO's FPGA, we started testing it and bingo! It worked. Knowing this, we gradually developed an entire Python library that could be used to program the myRIO both locally (connected by ssh) and remotely (from our PC). This library is called myRIO-library and is available here:


myRIO-library GitHub

We'll talk more about this topic, because we'll use it as an excuse to learn Python.