Learning MATLAB

Matlab online live script

MATLAB is an exciting tool for engineers. If you are not familiar to it, let's get started learning MATLAB a bit.

Most of our degree students know a bit of MATLAB before they start the Industrial IT course, but it is a good idea to have a place to start learning MATLAB in this blog. Indeed, the students that start the Master on Smartgrids with "Industrial Informatics" come from several different learning paths and some of them have not even heard about MATLAB. MATLAB is intensively used during the Master, so it is important to get ready for the tough challenges to come.

MATLAB is a quite interesting programming language for scientists. It is general-purpose, but heavily oriented to data science and mathematics in general. We recommend our students to do the "MATLAB Onramp" course before anything else. It is available in the following link (you must register before starting it):


Since 2017, MATLAB has a Cloud version named MATLAB Online, so if you cannot install MATLAB on your laptop you can run some stuff there. It is remarkably interesting, and it connects two subjects of our course. How does the Cloud work? Where is MATLAB running when I connect to MATLAB Online? food for thought.

So, what is the challenge for us today? First, if you are not used to MATLAB, take the "MATLAB Onramp" course. After that, download the following Live Script file from AWS S3 and open it in MATLAB Online or MATLAB.


Follow the instructions and enjoy it!