Serverless myRIO

Serverless is an uncommon term for most electronics students. It is closely related to Cloud computing and its rough meaning is to make possible to a developer to create stuff using cloud resources without administering servers and the likes.

In our case we have developed an example to show how it works. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as cloud provider and Lambda functions as the main component. A Lambda function is a program that runs when we need it without installing or managing anything from our part.

We won't go deep in this subject, since the example we based on it is quite clear in that sense:

We have gone one step forward and we have programmed a myRIO with LabVIEW to make it send ambient temperature data to the Cloud instead of showing any random number for the example. The result is visible at the following link:

If you feel curious, do not hesitate to ask!

[Note: while the course is stopped, instead of running the myRIO on and on, we have "frozen" values shown at the website. I hope you forgive me for the trick.]